Friday, March 29, 2013

Social Media as an Emerging Theme in IS Strategy

Hello guys, I'll like to share my presentation on Social Media as an Emerging Theme in IS Strategy.

The 21st century is characterized with various kinds of challenges that are essentially affecting the ways businesses operate; these challenges are driven by events happening inside and outside of the organizations. Organizations need to study these events and strategize around them in other to remain in business or gain more grounds.

Social Media is not a distraction, it boost Productivity

Far from diverting employees from their jobs, social media and smartphones actually make staff more productive - and employers should learn to deal with that new reality. Access to social networks via mobile devices gives staff a “virtual co-presence” with direct benefits for the business in which they work, according to a new study.

That core presence enables workers to complete collective tasks more effectively by giving them a greater freedom over when and where they do their jobs, the study of technology companies in the UK, Germany and Finland found.